Hello, I am Eye-ris

And I do things

Like, lotsa things...

Writing, copywriting, coding, drawing, taking pictures, reading, punching stuff, daydreaming, drinking too much coffee... and many more !

I also have a terrible sense of humor, but it's ok. Means I am ready to be a dad.

I write things

(And read them)

I have written a few children's books and Young Adult novels

L'horloge (Clockwork)

Is my first published YA novel. It is the (almost) autobiographical coming of age story of an autistic teenager.

Read reviews on Babelio

Read reviews on Good Reads

Un premier jour d'├ęcole ? (First day of school?)

The cute story of a young pangolin eager to go to school.

Psst. I am also an editor and a copywriter

I have collaborated on a number of children's books projects as a lead editor and have revised many, many lines

I draw and design things

(With my computer)

I can do stuff with Photoshop and Illustrator. I also have experience with InDesign.

Sometimes, I use real-life pens and brushes... But I am not always sure what end to draw with.

If you dig deep enough into my Deviant Art, you might discover things you could blackmail me with.

I take pictures of things

(And sometimes of people too)

I make computers go bee-bo-bee-boop

(I am a full-stack developer in development)

I have experience with :

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, GraphQL, N4J, WordPress, MySQL, PHP...





Not making nerdy jokes




Being both super enthusiastic about and fed up with EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME


I just looove crafting fancy widgets - wait, what do you mean they need to make sense ?

I am currently working with Myelin

To make the world a better place

Myelin aims to make information on mental health more accessible with the help of AI.